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Patient Participation Action Points

From our last meeting on 10th June 2016, the following action points were proposed to further improve our service:

  1. Put more information on the TV screen in the waiting area i.e. mobile phones policy, how to cancel appointments etc.
  2. Appointment booking facility for working patients – those who can’t call at 10am.
  3. Speed up the process of letters/referral letter

Follow up, July 2016:

  1. We try to display as much information as possible on our TV screen and with posters, but we will add more information to the TV screen if this is the preferred method.
  2. We are adding more evening appointments to the online booking facility, and advertise the Additional Capacity Scheme and Extended Hours Service who offer evening and Saturday morning appointments, to our working patients.  The advanced evening appointments we offer at the surgery are already prioritised for working patients and can be booked at any time.
  3. Referral letters are usually produced within a week of seeing the clinician.  Depending on the amount of referrals generated depends on whether this can be done quicker.  Urgent referrals will be prioritised.

In regards to requests for information or reports, again depends on demand.  We produce letters quicker than reports as reports generally require an appointment to see the doctor as well.  We aim to have all requests completed within 6 weeks of payment being received, however we do tend to complete most requests within 4 weeks.

Thank you for those who attended our meeting, if you would like to participate in our next meeting please give your details to reception or sign up online: Join our PPG