Access to Medical Records

The practice is registered and complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any request for access to notes by a patient, patient’s representative or outside body will be dealt with in accordance with the Act. Please contact the Practice Manager for further information.

Summary Care Record (SCR)

This will allow a clinical professional providing emergency care for you elsewhere in the NHS to have access to key information about your electronic medical records i.e medication/allergies/coded information.  However, this is optional and you can opt out of this by notifying reception.  Unless you are not in the position to give consent i.e. unconscious, consent will be sought before your records are accessed.

Access to your medical records

We have a number of data sharing agreements with local NHS providers i.e. Extended Hours Service and Out of Hours Service etc. who will be able to view your electronic medical records.  Again you will be asked for your consent every time before your records are viewed, if you wish to opt out please speak to reception.

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Online Access

As per our practice policy, online access to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions can be given to parents/guardians for children up to 11 years old.No access will be granted to parents/guardians for detailed information ie: consultation entries/documentsFrom 12-15 years access will be removed and patients themselves can then request access again from 16 years old

Online Access to Medical Records

You can now gain access to your online medical records where you will be able to view important information ie: Medication/Allergies/Documents/Results and Consultations. This will need to be requested at our front reception with photo ID.

Your access will be granted by the Doctor within one week.

Please see our helpful reception staff for more information.


NHS login makes it easier and quicker for you to securely access digital health and care services with one username and password.

If you have already had an identity check to access GP online services, you can now set up an NHS login without having your ID rechecked.

You just need to use the mobile phone number saved in your GP record. More information about Fast-track ID checking is available here.

For a list of integrated partners and services click on the link;

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 21st June, 2021