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Awareness Days in January

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! These are just a few of the awareness days coming up this month: Love your Liver: Veganuary: Dry January: Big Schools Bird … [continue] Awareness Days in January

5 Ways to a Healthier Life

5 Ways to a Healthy Life, covers the following topics: Body, Mind, Money, Winter, COVID-19 Prevention, and has been produced in partnership with the NHS in Newham and a group of residents.

When should I worry?

It provides information for parents about the management of respiratory tract infections (coughs, colds, sore throats, and ear aches) in children.

National Awareness Days This Month

Veg Pledge; for cancer research; Stress Awareness Day; Anti Bullying Week; Road Safety Week;,making%20journeys%20safer%20for%20everyone. Self Care Week;

Community Phlebotomy Clinics

To avoid long waiting times and to see the earliest availability please book an appointment for your blood test using the following link instead of walking in:

National Awareness

These are just some of the national awareness programmes happening this month: Black History Month; Breast Cancer;   Sober October; National Cholesterol Month; Baby Loss Awareness Week, … [continue] National Awareness

National Awareness Days

These are just some of the awareness campaigns this month: Hypo Awareness Week: Childhood Cancer Awareness: Oddfellows Friendship: Urology Awareness: World Alzheimer’s Month: Blood Cancer … [continue] National Awareness Days

Flu Season is Coming!

Please click on the link to find out what flu is, who is eligible to have the vaccination and why it is important to be vaccinated.

Hot Weather Reminder

It is important to stay safe during the hot weather – please click on the link for more information!


The following link illustrates how: Everybody can register with a GP without the need for documentation. Outlines how to book the vaccine appointments.