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National Awareness Days

These are just some of the awareness campaigns this month: Hypo Awareness Week: Childhood Cancer Awareness: Oddfellows Friendship: Urology Awareness: World Alzheimer’s Month: Blood Cancer … [continue] National Awareness Days

Flu Season is Coming!

Please click on the link to find out what flu is, who is eligible to have the vaccination and why it is important to be vaccinated.

Hot Weather Reminder

It is important to stay safe during the hot weather – please click on the link for more information!


The following link illustrates how: Everybody can register with a GP without the need for documentation. Outlines how to book the vaccine appointments.

NHS Log-in

NHS login makes it easier and quicker for you to securely access digital health and care services with one username and password. If you have already had an identity check … [continue] NHS Log-in

Data Sharing

Please see this link for information on how and why your data is shared and how to opt out if you wish to:  

National Awareness for May!

These are just a few of the upcoming awareness events this month: Skin Cancer awareness Month: Deaf Awareness Week:’Coming%20Though%20it%20Together’&text=Deaf%20Awareness%20Week%20is%20a,the%20broad%20spectrum%20of%20deafness. World Asthma Day 4th may: Mental Health Awareness Week … [continue] National Awareness for May!

Should I still have the Covid vaccine?

MHRA have issued clear guidance on the issue of Blood Clots and the Astra Zeneca vaccine, please see the link for information;