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Beat the Bug is a health & wellbeing programme designed to help you, and your family stay active and well during the Coronavirus outbreak, protecting the NHS.

We are also developing ways in which we can reach those who don’t have access to technology and who are not computer literate.

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Below is information for sessions run by Feeling Very Good CIC, who are offering support to help reduce the impact of Coronavirus.

The sessions are open to all, so if it sounds like something that would benefit you, your loved ones or anyone you know, please do sign up and share.

See below for further details of the events and the Eventbrite link for you to circulate.


Practical steps to managing staying at home and social distancing

  • Provides helpful advice to the reduce the impact of Coronavirus; combat isolation reduce stress, and increase overall health and wellbeing
  • 35 minute (approx) online group sessions, dealing with the day to day issues of staying at home; using mindfulness techniques and other actions around health, wellbeing, happiness and resilience.

The first event will be starting  this Thursday 9th April from 1pm-2pm and will continue every Thursday going forward, from 1pm-2pm.

We want this event to be accessible to as many people as possible.

There is a recommended minimum amount of £25; however if this is not suitable for you, please feel free to make a donation of your choice instead.

Further details can be found at the link below

Feeling Very Good CIC is an award-winning health and wellbeing service provider and has already worked with mental health organisations, national and local government to deliver services to improve happiness health, wellbeing and social inclusion. We aim to seek to enhance subjective wellbeing in communities by addressing poor mental health and social isolation in partnership


One of the groups that we are supporting is the Teenage group.

We want to make sure that the campaign is creating content and sharing information that is relevant, to support them during this challenging time.

We have created a survey that will better inform our work and the key things that teenagers want.

Follow the link to upload Beat the Bug questionnaire

If you are teenager or know of any teens that would be interested in filling out this survey, please do share with them.

Please do share with your wider networks.

All data collated will be anonymous.

They can send their surveys directly to myself at:

[email protected]


Thank you for your support.